Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An Interview with...

October, how did you get here so quickly?  I have to admit, something got off schedule when September hit and The Boy (aka my son) went back to college.  I was super busy working (thank you, writers!) on some great manuscripts (again, thanks writers!) and lost track of the actual days going by.  And I lost track of getting an author interview done for the October newsletter.  Or anything else for the October newsletter.

So, I am going to do a mini-interview with...wait for it...myself.  Yes, I am going to answer five questions.  But first, I need some questions to answer.   So, if you haven't already seen the 10 Random Facts About Me post, check them out so you don't ask any of those questions. 

So, either comment here or send me an email at fwilliams@theatwatergroup.com and I'll compile the best five questions and answer them for the November newsletter.  If I start planning now, I'm sure I'll get back on schedule by then.  (Right?)

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