Thursday, May 15, 2014

Social Media for Authors

Okay, I know it's been forever since I posted last.  My apologies.  But my authors have been keeping me busy with some great manuscripts (and some long ones, too!).  I haven't had any time between projects to think about a blog post, much less write it!  And, actually I still don't.  But I have a problem and I wanted to vent a little to the Internet (you'll all listen, right?).

I'm sure, as an author, you've read blog post after blog post about "building your author platform" and the importance of social media.  You've probably felt the heat to be active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your own website/blog, and whatever else is out there.  Maybe you try, maybe you don't.  Maybe you don't have a webpage with contact information.  Maybe you don't want everyone in the world to find you on Goodreads.

But guess what?  Those annoying little time-sucks?  Those are connection points for more than just your (potential) readers.  They are backup communication tools for people YOU want to talk to.

Here's my problem, folks: I have an author I've worked with before on a project.  She's emailed me twice (once Tuesday and once on Thursday) asking me to work on her next project. I emailed her back - using the Reply button - twice on Tuesday and once on Thursday.  In each instance, I've gotten an "Undeliverable Email" notice from Yahoo (her email address provider).  In the second email, she's basically asked if I'm too busy to respond or work on her project, and if I am, can I recommend someone. 

I can't find Valerie anywhere on social media.  Not Facebook, not Twitter, not Goodreads, not LinkedIn.  I'll admit I don't have a Pinterest account, but when I search for her name on the almighty Google, there's no one who fits the description (location or job) of my author.

So I'm posting this in the thinnest of hopes that she will 1) be looking at my website/blog and 2) recognize herself and 3) comment on this post so I can talk to her about her project.

And please, for the love of God or whatever higher deity you may believe in, make sure people you work with have more than one way to find you online - don't rely just on email!