Monday, March 25, 2013

Story Bibles and Character Development

Over the last few months, I've tweeted some great sites to check out story bibles and character development worksheets.  But, if you don't follow me on Twitter (hey, why don't you follow me on Twitter?  It's super easy - find me at @FaithProofing), I thought you might like to see what I posted over there.

So here are some resources for story bibles:

Authors: what is a Story Bible and why you need one

Using Story Bibles for Series

Authors: use this tv series bible development for your series!

Color coding your Series Bible

Authors: use a Story Bible to keep track of your story

Character and Story Organizers for #Authors

And here are some resources for character development worksheets:

Authors: 100 Character Development Questions your characters should be able to answer

Authors: 20 questions for your characters

Authors: use the Proust questionnaire to add depth to your characters

More Character Development worksheets for authors

365 Character Questions

Authors: some more Character Worksheets

Thursday, March 14, 2013

10 Random Facts

10 Random Facts About Me:

1) I grew up in a house that was built by my ancestors in the 1700s.  I was the sixth generation to live there; my son spent the first three months of his life there before we moved across the street into my grandfather's house.

2) My favorite winter activity was sitting on the floor in front of the furnace vent in the kitchen and reading a book (instead of setting the table or eating my vegetables).

3) When I was little, there was a magnetic board on the cabinet wall that I use to make up my own words or practice my spelling. I could spend hours moving those little plastic letters with the magnets in them.  (And I never ate any of the magnets - not even when my brothers dared me to!)

4) I met my husband when he came into the bookstore I worked in and he ordered a book (Mr. Boston's Bartending Guide).  My co-worker was all like, "I'm calling that guy when the book comes in." I was all like, "Whatever."

5) I spent the summer before college in Cordova, Alaska.  The plan was I'd go on a fishing boat and earn some big bucks before I started college.  Once I figured out what that actually meant, I got myself a job at the local daycare and babysat on the side.

6) I am a sucker for Fred Astaire movies.  Favorite: Funny Face. (Ask me tomorrow and I might change my answer to Daddy Long Legs.)

7) Wanted to be an ice skater when I was young. But I hated the cold. And there was no ice skating rink I could try to get my parents to take me to - just the town pond.  And I couldn't actually stay up on my skates - down on my butt was my typical skating posture.

8) I have two older brothers, but my parents were foster parents, so on any given day, I could gain or lose a foster brother or sister. The most we ever had were three foster kids, so there'd be six kids at the dinner table.

9) I got rid of my alarm clock when my son went off to college.  Haven't looked back!

10) I am a big General Hospital fan (much to my husband's dismay).

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Comma Rhapsody

Ok, I was going to write a post about comma use with appositives.  But in researching on the Internet, as often happens, I got sidetracked.  (And I'd like to point out the use of commas in that previous sentence for the appositive "as often happens")

I found this gem to explain all the uses of commas and I hope you find it entertaining and informative.