Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Writer's Groups

I feel it's safe to say one of the most common pieces of advice for writers is to join a writer's group.  (Heck, I've probably said that myself!).

Now, what you are looking to get out of a group may vary from person to person (or even at different points in your own career), but I can tell you without a doubt that even just a casual group of writers, willing and able to provide general support and guidance, can be invaluable. As an editor, I belong to an editing association, and the internal discussion group there has helped me immensely - just with general knowledge and help with specific questions.

Depending on your needs, you might find a local group where you meet together and review each other's manuscripts. Or learn about storytelling vs. plotting. Or learn about world-building or marketing techniques. 

But now you are not limited to just physical meeting groups - there's the Internet!  The big, wild, wonderful Internet! You can join all sorts of forums, websites, chat rooms - find your fellow geeks or diehard HEA believers, your companions through the seedy side of mystery and mayhem. 

And then there's Facebook...those groups are powerful!  There were over 1 Billion (yes, that's Billion - with a B)  people using Groups to talk with like-minded people.  Surely there's a group or two you as a writer should belong to! 

So, what writer/writing Facebook Groups do you belong to? Or know about, but for one reason or another you are not a part of?

I know of a few: Author Support Network, Indie Author Group, Trauma Fiction.

But I am sure there are a ton more out there.  So, what groups do you belong to? Let me know in the comments!