Monday, December 31, 2012

Author Interview - Tracy Sharp

Let's say hello and Happy New Year to Tracy Sharp, author of the Leah Ryan series, Camilla, and most recently Spooked  Tracy, thanks for taking some time to answer our questions. 

1)      What were your favorite books growing up? – Anything really scary. For as long as I can remember, I loved scary stories. I still do!
2)      Now that you have, let’s say—some life experience, what would you tell your younger self? – Don’t take yourself so seriously. The things you worry about really don’t matter in the long haul.
3)      Describe your typical day. – I have a day job, so I go to work each day, I work out 4 nights a week, and I write weekend mornings. That is until I become a millionaire bestselling writer. Haha!
4)      Who is your favorite character in your books? – I’d have to say Jackson Quick, of my Leah Ryan series. He’s Leah’s conscience and really has her back. He’s sexy, funny, and tough as nails. I think every woman needs a Jack.
5)      What do you do when writer’s block shows up, settles in, and makes itself comfortable? -  I write through it. It’s the only way that works for me. I begin with one sentence and that turns into another. Honestly, the story reveals itself as I’m writing, no matter how much I plot.
6)      Do you find yourself pulling details from “real life” or does your imagination rule the roost? – I do pull details from real life, but it’s a tidbit here and a tidbit there. Nothing really specific.
7)      What was the first manuscript you wrote (even if it never saw the light of day)? A 400 – some-odd page doorstop that meanders off into strange places. It’s a horror novel but it’s too terrible to ever publish. Really.
8)      Have you ever pursued traditional publishing? Or did you go straight for indie publishing? – I had two traditional publishers before I self-published. I turned down two to self-publish. It was the best move I’ve ever made. I’m doing so much better than I ever did with a publisher.
9)      What Works In Progress are brewing?  Any target dates for publication? - I’m currently working on the first draft of a horror novel called Soul Trade. It’s going well, and I can’t wait to finish the first draft. Hoping to have it ready to publish by June 2013.
10)   How can fans reach you?   – I have an amazon author page, a website at, I’m on Goodreads, I have a Facebook page, and email at

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