Friday, December 21, 2012

About to be married...what do you call it?

I am currently married.  Well, actually, I have been married for 22 years (to the same guy, no less!) so it's not like it's big news.

But, when you finally make that decision-to pop the question or to say yes- you really become part of a unit.  And you get a new name-well, typically, the name thing happens after you're married.  But what I am getting at is the name you call the person you are going to marry.  You've moved on from just being a boyfriend or girlfriend.  You've moved on to be:

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a fiancé - the man to whom a woman is engaged to be married
a fiancée - the woman to whom a man is engaged to be married

Just one little extra e makes all the difference here.  Guys - I am sure you are aware that most women are not fond of being regarded as a man, so when you use fiancé to describe the woman in your life, you are not doing yourself any favors.  

The little helpful hint I'd like to depart to you, dear reader, is the way to remember who is who here.  

Man = fiancé.  Woman = fiancée.  
Just like woman is a longer word than man, fiancée is a longer word than fiancé. 

See how simple that is?  Could be the most simple rule in dealing with a woman! 


  1. There are rules dealing with woman? Oy!

  2. Yes, but don't tell anyone I told you...they'd kick me out of the club! LOL