Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy 2022!

 Well, <gulp>, it's been quite some time since I last wrote. In my defense...well, I have no defense. Everybody's been busy; everybody's been affected by the pandemic. And I'm no different. 

2020 AND 2021 have been full of challenges, but lots of good books as well. I'm blessed to be able to do what I love, with talented authors and clients who have become friends over the years. Looking at the numbers, I edited through 3,679,121 words in 2021. Although that looks like a big number, it's actually one of the lowest years in terms of word count. I was somewhat distressed by that, until I remembered why that number was so low.

There were authors who had their publishing plans changed because of life issues beyond their control: loss of loved ones, moving challenges, personal health issues, changes in their regular day jobs or family life. 

I took more time off in 2021 than I had in a long time, including a trip to see our family in Denver. We got to celebrate as our son and girlfriend officially got engaged, being there as part of the ring design. They are using the stones from the first wedding ring my husband gave me, so it was wonderful to be a part of that. And we had a great time seeing my husband's mother and sisters for the first time in two years!

I ran my church's Basket Bonanza, which always takes a week of preparation. We changed the format to an all-day preview, with online watching options as we pulled the winning tickets. It was a bit nerve-racking because we'd never done it that way, but we got great feedback from our attendees. And I had some great book baskets to give away, because of the support of some of my authors!

I took time off to work on a personal project, which I've never really done, either. (Usually personal stuff gets pushed to nights or weekends). I'm still working on it (slower than I should, really), but I'm pretty happy with my results.

I've been spending time strengthening my professional network as well. I've been the Chapter Coordinator for the EFA for some time, and now we meet virtually (twice a month at night; twice a month in the morning). With that option available, I've been able to meet some of our EFA members who couldn't make in-person meetings and developed relationships that have been resources for questions and situations that have popped up over time.

And over the course of the pandemic, home life has changed. No longer does my husband travel three out of four weeks each month. I actually stop for dinner, and typically don't work after that, either! It just to be that I'd have a small dinner at my desk, and then work until 9 or 10 before dropping into bed! But now, I'm spending time with the hubby and occasionally going out with friends (masked and in low-density locations...outside back in the nice weather!). 

So even though that's not the biggest number I've ever had for a year of editing, it reflects how the world has changed, and how I've changed with it. 


I hope 2022 brings you all the writing success you are looking for!

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