Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What Are You Made Of?

While my husband and I were on a two-week trip (Denver for Thanksgiving; Wisconsin for a Christmas party - yes, we will travel for a party!), I saw this sculpture:

It's a metal sculpture made up of letters, in the shape of a person.  I thought it was a really cool idea - to think about what people are made up of, and how words are used to describe people.  I'd like to say I had time to stand and reflect on the sculpture, but in truth, I had ducked out of the rental car, run across the road, took some pictures (that I hoped would come out okay), and then ran back to the waiting car after the hubby had turned around and drove slowly so I could hop back in.

What made it even cooler? Guess the name of the park where I saw this sculpture:

Yup, that's Atwater Park!

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