Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Special Delivery

Look at what I got today - special delivery from Laurie LeClair:

I subscribed to her newsletter and she posts the occasional contest and giveaway...and guess who won this time?  (Hint: ME)

It's kind of cool to get a copy (whether electronic or hard copy) of the finished project: when it's no longer just a manuscript but a real book.  And it's extra cool to have the books signed by the author!

So, if you are an author, consider reaching out to your readers with a contest for a free copy (digital or paper).  And if you're a reader, be sure to support your favorite authors by giving reviews online (either on Amazon or Goodreads, or maybe your own blog) and follow them on Facebook or Twitter to see what they're working on next!

And you can be sure I'll be using that lovely pen for some editing notes, so watch out!

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