Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Story 25 Years in the Making

Scooch closer, children, for a story.  Now, usually, I’m not the one writing the story; I’m typically the one proofing or editing the story.  

But there’s really only one other person who could tell this particular story, but I think I am beating him to the punch.

Apt A4 - Foothill Blvd. - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
A long, long time ago (1990, to be exact), in a state far way (all away across the country, in California), there lived a young woman and a young man.  They lived together, actually, which some people were not happy about (but knew enough to keep their opinions to themselves – mostly).  But the young woman and the young man were happy about it, because they fully intended to get married.  

But the young woman had particular ideas about the wedding, namely where it should be.  And that place was “back home”  - yes, all the way across country. She was starting the process of planning a wedding from 3,000 miles away and let’s just say it was a bit overwhelming and a bit challenging.  The young man, seeing his love become frustrated and irritated, suggested they could just run away to the magical land of Las Vegas and get married there.  The young woman didn’t like that idea, and stubbornly kept up her attempts to plan a wedding from miles and miles away.  

But reality continued on its merry way. That is to say, reality knocked the young woman around a bit.  One day, frustrated beyond reason, the young woman decided her young man just might be right: Las Vegas would be so much easier.  And they would be married so much more quickly.  

So one Friday night, after they both came home from work, the young woman asked a question, one so typical that even you might say it now: “What do you want to do this weekend?”

The young man’s response wasn’t anything out of the ordinary: maybe a movie, maybe go to the store.

The young woman’s response was out of the ordinary: Let’s go to Vegas and get married.  Only one condition: neither of us can call anyone before we get married. (And remember this was before everyone had cell phones and Facebook wasn’t even a thought in anyone’s brain.)

Excited plans were made: A local magazine promoted the Las Vegas Hilton’s wedding package.  After a phone call, reservations were made for the hotel, marriage license, and wedding chapel.  Once the bags were packed, it was a quick three-hour trip to the sandy oasis of Las Vegas.   

The hubby's wedding ring; my engagement ring and wedding band

Saturday was a blur of getting ready: finding a wedding ring to match the engagement ring, finding a man’s wedding ring, going to City Hall for the wedding license.  Finally, the limo driver took the young woman and young man to the wedding chapel.

Yes, we were married at the Candlelight Wedding Chapel, "where the stars wed." It's now a parking lot.

Vows were said; rings were exchanged.  There was no Elvis impersonator.

After the ceremony, relatives were called and given the news: the young woman and the young man were now man and wife.  Although surprised, most expressed joy that the couple had taken this step together.  One (the mother of the bride) advised that it was the marriage that counted, not the marriage ceremony.  Another (the mother of the groom) had not been looking forward to traveling for the ceremony and was happy to send her love (and not lose her luggage on a plane trip).

So now it is twenty-five years later, here in 2015.  The young woman and the young man are, alas, not quite as young but are still very much in love. 

They own a house (or maybe it owns them, or maybe the bank owns it…):

Our log home...not a log cabin

a dog:


a cat (who, come to think of it, maybe owns them too):


and have produced a son, who graduated from college this summer...

The Boy...at his senior year SSDP conference

...and has a job (that he wants) in a field he's excited to be a part of.

And I'd like to think the next twenty-five years will be as wonderful and filled with laughter and love as the first twenty-five years. 

Happy Anniversary, Robert - I love you.

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