Friday, June 20, 2014

Maybe I Need A Dictionary

So, any longtime followers of this blog (and thanks for keeping me on your list of blogs to read!) may have noticed a slight downturn in blog posts.

According to the dictionary, slight means to a small degree. Hmmm, maybe I need to re-think that sentence.  

Okay, there may have been a standstill (cessation of movement forward or backward, state of rest, stop) in my blog posting. 

And the newsletter - oh, that poor, poor newsletter.  I think I have to change it from "a monthly" newsletter to "a whenever I can manage to get it done" newsletter.  Or a "whenever I can get some interesting, time-worthy, and inspirational information" newsletter.  

Maybe I really should consult that dictionary before I do too much more damage to the English language!  

All that aside, my lack of getting these things done has been bothering me.  I will be trying to post more often, but I want to make sure that what I post has some value, isn't just fluff or a bunch of hooey.  I'm thinking of working out a schedule, or a list of possible topics (that appeals to the organized side of my brain) but when it comes time to put those ideas down on paper, they seem to disappear like wisps of wind that I can't catch.  And I'm working on some author interview requests, so hopefully you'll be hearing from some great authors, too.  

So, dear readers, do you have any topics you want more information on?  Something you'd like to know about in the grammar/editing world?  Drop me a line and maybe it'll be featured as a blog post/newsletter item!

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